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What Is Hospitopia?
Build and run your own hospital in the simulation game, Hospitopia. Hospitopia has chosen Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals as the exclusive beneficiary and will receive 10% of gross revenues generated by the game. The goal is to build a digital hospital where users are put the test to perform a myriad of tasks from layout and design for the hospital to assisting in the care and treatment of the children who reside there. Like other games on Facebook, this game offers the ability for players to purchase special in-game currency that allows for unique purchase and gifting opportunities as well as expedited player progression.

Why Play Hospitopia?
Hospitopia was created to break the mold of existing social games by appealing to player’s desires to support charitable programs in a fun and entertaining environment. We’ve also introduced an enhanced gameplay experience utilizing brand and video integration programs that support Hospitopia, and give you an inside look at cool products and services. It’s fun. It’s easy. And it’s for a great cause.

Hospitopia on Facebook (Jan. 10th, 2011)
By: Causeplay (Partnered with CMN)